Annual Report 2016 - Education

Experience an education unlike any other

Asian School of the Environment

Asian School of the Environment

The Asian School of the Environment (ASE) is an interdisciplinary school focusing on environmental challenges in Asia, addressing key issues in sustainability and the environment. Launched in 2014, the school hosts one of the premier geoscience programmes in Asia, training the next generation of earth scientists for the region.

The Environmental Earth Systems Science undergraduate course offered by the ASE is a highly selective programme, allowing students to specialise in geosciences, society and earth systems, or ecology. Teaching is placed in an outcome-based context, and field trips organised by the School afford students the opportunity to transform classroom knowledge into skills. A solid foundation of the basic sciences, complemented by selected classes in broader topics of social relevance, prepare students for the geoscience challenges that the region poses. Notably, almost half of the ASE cohort that have been eligible to go abroad for a year of study have done so, exposing them to a truly global education. The School has also recently expanded its field programme and now offers field trips to the USA, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Indonesia. With a new cohort joining the course in August 2017, the ASE will have an enrollment of 120 undergraduates, who will receive a world-class education through instruction and fieldwork.

ASE is also home to a rigorous PhD programme, through which the School ensures that students work closely with their supervisors on projects and scientific papers. They are encouraged to actively participate in conferences, with many presenting at the annual meetings organised by the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society and the American and European Geophysical Unions. Last May, four postgraduate students were awarded the Dr Stephen Riady Geoscience Scholarship in the Observatory’s inaugural call for proposals. The gift of S$1 million, matched one-to-one by the Singapore government, is aimed at projects that explore Earth’s processes, ensuring greater resilience and safety of the region’s people, cultures, and economies.