Annual Report 2017 - Financials and Staffing

1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018



Current Assets
Cash on hand: S$Nil
Grant and other receivables: S$14,203,200
Net funds owing from NTU: S$299,002
Total current assets: S$14,502,202
Non-Current Assets
Funds held on behalf by NTU: S$16,138,418
Plant and equipment: S$3,850,666
Total non-current assets: S$19,989,084
Total assets: S$34,491,286


Current Liabilities
Accrued expenses and other payables: S$3,639,193
Grants received in advance from NTU: S$Nil
Total current liabilities: S$3,639,193
Non-Current Liability
Deferred capital grants: S$3,850,666
Funds and Reserves
Endowment funds: S$16,138,418
Accumulated surplus: S$10,863,009
Total equity, funds and reserves: S$27,001,427
Total liabilities, funds and reserves: S$34,491,286



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Sabrina Smith

Project Manager/Editor
Cheryl Han

Yvonne Soon

Ruth Tepper Brown

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Maya Butterfield, Coconut Moon

Design Director
Amy Ray

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