Volcano Eruptions

Measuring the Strength of Crustal Rocks From Outer Space

New research from the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) recently published in Science introduces an exciting new technique for discerning the strength of rocks in the earth’s continental lower crust. The method we developed allows us to make inferences about the properties of rocks where they are buried. Our study also provides the first low-frequency tomographic image of rheological properties beneath Kyushu, Japan. Tomography allows us to see the internal properties of the rock, section by section.

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23 Sep 2017

Agung is showing signs of increasing unrest (Source: CC-BY David Stanley/ Flickr)

Seismic Activity and Magmatic Intrusions may Forecast Monogenetic Eruptions

In a paper published in Geology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Geological Society of America, Associate Professor Fidel Costa from the Earth Observatory of Singapore and colleagues Helena Albert and Joan Martí from the Central Geophysical Observatory in Spain found that monogenetic eruptions could be anticipated by a combination of seismic and petrological observations.

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