Geospatial Engineer

The Techncial Office of the EOS provides a centralized service for all geospatial needs to the EOS researchers. The TO maintains equipments like GPS, Total Station, Terrestrial Lidar Scanner etc., and several highly specialized software like TerraSolid, Arcinfo, RiscanPro etc. Moreover, Techncial Office has recently been conducting Airborne Lidar surveys in different countries. A specialized and dedicated person with proper background and expertise is needed to cater to these needs.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Carries out Terrestrial Lidar at remote locations, in different countries, processes data, and produce deliverables as per required by the lead researchers of the project
Participate is Airborne Lidar surveys, assist in overall planning, organization and management of the survey work and works as operator of the Airborne Lidar instrument, download, archive and processes data to produce DEM, DSM, and other forms of end
Carries out surveying job in field, using Total Station, GPS etc and produce results to the satisfaction of the researchers.
Maintains all surveying and Lidar equipments existing in TO.
Manages all GIS related softwares and servers, and works with the researchers to facilitate use of these softwares by others.
Undertake trainings in developing expertise in mastering use of new software and new techniques in related fields of geomatics, as and when required.
Will need to carry out frequent and prolonged field work at remote places of different countries in South and SE Asia. Travelling often involve flying in small aircraft and travelling by boat.


A bachelors degree in any field of geomatics or any branch of engineering with at least three years of experience in geospatial field (surveying, lidar, remote sensing, GIS)
OR diploma in geospatial engineering field with at least five years of experience in geomatics
Expertise in using GIS softwares like ArcGIS or other similar software
Experience in handling and processing terrestrial and airborne Lidar survey
Working knowledge in handling GPS in kinematics mode for surveying purposes
Working knowledge in handling Total Station instruments for surveying work
Skill in programming languages
A good computer competency in Windows and Linux platforms


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