Research Associate (Neotectonics/Paleoseismology)

The Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) invites applications for a Research Associate who will conduct research on uplifted coral terraces and coral microatolls, in order to infer past land-level change along the west coast of Luzon Island, the Philippines.  The candidate is expected to spend 2-3 months in the Philippines between November 2017 and April 2018, doing field work and sample processing, alongside colleagues from NTU and elsewhere.  In addition, this person will be expected to perform rigorous data analysis and interpretation, toward the preparation of a scientific report or paper. 

Specific job activities may include: (1) handling logistical preparations for field work in the Philippines; (2) helping to identify sites and coral microatolls; (3) helping to survey the sites with remote and on-site techniques; (4) helping to process and x-ray microatoll slabs; (5) preparing microatoll samples for radiometric dating; (6) analysing coral microatoll slabs using Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, and Microsoft® Excel®; and (7) using the data obtained to interpret relative sea-level and tectonic histories along the Manila trench off Luzon Island in the Philippines. 

The candidate is expected to have a prior understanding of subduction and fault-related processes.


A Master's degree in geological sciences or a similar field is required
Prior experience doing geological field work in coastal environments is required
Prior experience organizing logistics in a country outside Singapore is required
Prior experience using Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Microsoft® Excel®, and ArcGIS software is required
3 years of research experience in a geological field is a minimum requirement. Research done towards a candidate’s Master's degree may be counted toward the 3 years.


Interested applicants, please send your CV along with three referees who would be willing to provide a reference when contacted, to