For this project we propose a multi-proxy (trace elements, water inclusion and carbonate δ18O) study on speleothems collected from sites along a SW-NE transect in a region dominate

Stable Barium isotopes (δ137Ba) in seawater can provide information on nutrient cycling, productivity, and riverine inputs in the ocean.

At the waterfront of Palu city, a tree is seen partially submerged in the water, which had risen about 1 to 1.5 metres after the post-earthquake tsunami in September 2018.

In collaboration with the volcano team at EOS, undergraduate students from the Universitas Negeri Padang assist in and learn from the peat coring process during a field trip in Sumatra.

Coring equipment, such as this Russian Peat Borer, are designed to capture organic rich sediments many metres underground.

These rock formations, known as speleothems, were found in a cave in Sulawesi.


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