An EOS observation station is installed on Mount Marapi in Indonesia. Such observation systems may house a seismometer, tiltmeter, and infrasound instruments.

A road in Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia, ruptured by the magnitude 7.5 Palu earthquake in September 2018.

In August 2017, Typhoon Hato generated widespread storm surge flooding in the coastal cities of Macau and Zhuhai, resulting in billions of dollars in economic loss.

A group of villagers cross a riverbed in the midst of the dry season in Nepal.

What appears to be a textural painting is actually a process called cross-bedding, where Neogene sandstone sediments in a riverbed are embedded with coal sediments.

Environmental hazards, like this snow storm, are one of the challenges scientists may face while out in the field.

The Dynamic Earth Games is a new interactive workshop organised by the Earth Observatory of Singapore and the Science Centre Singapore.

‘Earth: Our Untamed Planet’ aims to create a greater awareness and appreciation of the Earth Sciences in Singapore, especially among students from primary and secondary levels.

The Envirovibe Minibuggy sticks out from the usual traffic on a dusty road in Nepal. This high-tech vehicle sends seismic waves deep into the earth, where they are reflected back.

One of the field instruments used by our scientists is the RIEGL VZ-400, a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) device that measures topography of the land by emitting pulses of light.


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