Media Briefing by Director Kerry Sieh on the September 2007 earthquakes offshore Sumatra.

Short documentary on the consequences of the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck Wenchuan, in the Sichuan province of China, on May 12, 2008. Video by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Gambar ini dibuat oleh Tectonics Observatory, California Institute of Technology. Teks dari EOS. Membaca lebih tentang gempa dan tsunami:

Animation produced by the Tectonics Observatory, California Institute of Technology. Labels modified by EOS. Read more about earthquakes and tsunamis in Sumatra at

Animation showing the tectonic evolution of India and Asia over the past 50 million years.

People-Coral-Mentawai is a documentary film by Isaac Kerlow, Director of the Art Group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

A report by Channel News Asia featuring Professor Kerry Sieh about Japan's nuclear problem after the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011. 

Soft coral uplifted by an earthquake on the Sunda Megathrust, Sumatra


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