Gede and Salak, high-risk volcanoes in West Java, are representative of many arc volcanoes.

Infrasound travels thousands of kilometres and can be detected using the appropriate instrumentation. Several natural sources generate infrasound, including the hundreds of volcanoes surrounding Singapore.

This Knowledge Capsule summarises the ongoing research of Associate Professor Adam Switzer and his team in the coastlines of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea.

Block-diagram showing a cross-section of the Sunda Megathrust. The Indo-Australian tectonic plate (on the left) dives under the Eurasian plate (on the right).

Monitoring instruments network on Mayon volcano, Philippines. Mayon is one of EOS Lab Volcanoes.

Tectonic interpretation of the different neotectonic domains of Myanmar.

Dark red lines show Sumatran fault zone (after Sieh and Natawidjaja, 2000); red line with teeth shows

Map of Myanmar, Bangladesh and surrounding regions.

In January 2010, the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) in collaboration with the Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and Monitor Group organized a 2-day closed-door workshop titled

Talk by Prof Kerry Sieh during NTU-SST Flagship Programme, June 2012.


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