The huge cracks on the face of the Mingun Pagoda in Myanmar were caused by the Ava earthquake on 23 March 1839.

A Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (RTK GPS) being used to get high resolution topographic profiles in Bangladesh.

The construction of the Mingun Pagoda in Myanmar begun in 1790 but by the time it was abandoned, it was 50 metres tall, one-third of it's intended height.

Surface expression of an earthquake rupture along a road towards Meulaboh, Banda Aceh. The earthquake event was not identified.

A building in Kathmandu Durbar Square that was damaged by the magnitude 7.9 Gorhka earthquake in Nepal, 2015.

The Science of Sea-Level Rise: How Climate Change Could Hurt Singapore

We know human-induced climate change is real. It is happening across the world because of rising concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Sometimes it is hard to know if the climate is changing if you are isolated from many of its effects. However, countless populations are already exposed to the impacts of climate change, which include: warming temperatures, changing rainfall, increased droughts and wildfires, decline in agricultural yield, more flooding, and many other consequences.


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