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Judith and Isaac Chat about the Ratu River Film on 938LIVE

For Judith Hubbard, Principal Investigator of the structural geology group and Assistant Professor at the Asian School of the Environment, this was her very first radio interview ever. It was little wonder then that she was feeling slightly jittery. On the other hand, Professor Isaac Kerlow, Principal Investigator of the Art+Media Group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, was the perfect picture of composure and confidence for he is quite the veteran at radio interviews and other media appearances.

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11 Oct 2015

We're kicking off Earth Science Week 2015 with a feature on haze in Singapore.

Animation showing the precipitations over Singapore and the region during the tropical storm Vamei in 2008.

This site and the suggested questions and activities in this document provide an excellent opportunity for guided inquiry learning in the field.

Infrasound travels thousands of kilometres and can be detected using the appropriate instrumentation. Several natural sources generate infrasound, including the hundreds of volcanoes surrounding Singapore.

Little Guilin is probably Singapore's most dramatic and accessible exposure of bedrock, showing two stages of magma intrusion more than 230 million years ago to form plutonic igneous rocks.

People-Coral-Mentawai Panel Dialogue Session, 2010. People-Coral-Mentawai is a documentary film by Isaac Kerlow, Artist-in-Residence at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. 


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