EOS Engaging the World

EOS aspires to make Earth science relevant to the improvement and the quality of people’s lives. The Observatory connects with individuals and institutions in Southeast Asia and the region that prepare and build resilience in communities through a better understanding of advances in Earth science.  

The goals of our outreach efforts include:
  • influencing strategic decisions made by business and government leaders in the region.
  • a better understanding of the Earth’s processes.
  • an appreciation and awareness of natural hazards in the region.
  • to make Southeast Asia and communities beyond the region safer and more sustainable.

As part of its plan to develop a stronger footprint within Singapore to express the importance of Earth science, the Community Engagement Office is expanding learning programmes and opportunities to improve geohazard understanding for students.

Engaging Schools...

The Community Engagement Office aims to build the identity of the Observatory beyond the scientific community, reaching government and leadership, educators, partners, and the media. This is achieved by elevating our scientists’ research and expressing the importance of...