Student Training

Pavel teachingClear communication of scientific findings can inform the public so they can make better decisions. Effective communication can also enhance a scientist’s career. A scientist who communicates well can secure more funding, collaborate successfully with researchers from other fields, and teach in a more engaging way. EOS scientists are learning how to share their research with fellow scientists and a broader audience from Language and Communication Specialist Pavel Adamek.

Pavel’s work straddles two arenas: teaching and consulting. He teaches two required science writing courses to undergraduates and a compulsory communication course to PhD students. In addition, Pavel offers voluntary classes to PhD students and post-doctoral fellows who want to hone their writing and presentation skills.

Outside of classes, Pavel meets with scientists, students, and faculty to discuss drafts before they are submitted to journals or sent to government organisations. He also consults with scientists before they complete conference posters and presentations to discuss how they can tweak their delivery to best suit the specific presentation room settings and the expected audiences. So far, several students have won prizes for best talks and posters, and many others have received compliments on their presentation styles.

Required classes for undergraduates:

Introduction to Science Writing
Writing Science for Non-Scientists

Required classes for postgraduates:

Communication Skills for Scientists