Caroline Bouvet de Maisonneuve is a Principal Investigator at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) and Assistant Professor at the Asian School of the Environment (ASE) at Nanyang Technological University.  

Caroline was educated at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). She received her BSc in Earth Sciences in 2005, her MSc in volcanology in 2007, and her PhD in 2011. She obtained a Swiss National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship to study at EOS and at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) before joining EOS as Principal Investigator.

To date, Caroline has published 13 papers in peer-reviewed journals, of these, she is the first author of seven papers. In her roles at EOS and ASE, Caroline has mentored 17 undergraduate students, eight graduate students of which three are active PhD students, and eight Research Fellows.

A geologist by training, Caroline specialises in volcanic processes. Her research focuses on reconstructing eruptive histories and investigating controls on eruption styles in order to improve hazards assessments and eruption forecasts. In her research, she employs a combination of methodologies such as fieldwork, petrology, petrophysics, mineralogical and textural analyses, morphometry, numerical computational studies, and tephrochronology.

  • 2007 — 2011: PhD thesis at the University of Geneva. Petrologic and numerical modeling study of Strombolian eruption dynamics at Volcán Llaima (Chile), under the co-supervision of Prof. M.A. Dungan (University of Geneva), Prof. O. Bachmann (University of Washington, Seattle), and Dr. A. Burgisser (ISTO, CNRS-Orléans). Accessible online here.
  • 2005 — 2007: MSc. thesis at the University of Geneva. Characterization of juvenile pyroclasts from the Kos Plateau Tuff (Aegean Arc): insights into the eruptive dynamics of a large rhyolitic eruption, under the supervision of Dr. Olivier Bachmann (University of Geneva).
  • 2002 — 2005: Bachelors in Earth Sciences degree at University of Geneva
Professional Activities:

Scientific reviews

  • NSF proposals (USA)
  • The Icelandic Research Fund
  • Computers & Geosciences
  • Geomorphology
  • Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
  • Lithos
  • Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
  • Journal of Petrology
  • Geological Society of London (Spec. Pubs.)
  • American Mineralogist
  • Geophysical Research Letters
  • Journal of Asian Earth Sciences