CHEN Mengli


I work in the area of geochemistry. I am particularly interested in how lead (Pb) concentration and Pb isotopes in the South China Sea change with time. If we know how lead (Pb) invades the regional geochemical cycle, we can minimize the risk of our exposure to contaminated food or water in the future. At the same time, we can gain an insight into the pathways of biogeochemical circulation. I take samples of coral cores and sediment cores, and I analyze them for Pb concentration and isotopic composition.

Using these natural archives, I investigate questions like where Pb comes from; how much Pb was deposited at different points in time; and how Pb isotopes have changed over time. I also collect water samples near the coring sites to better constrain the environment these cores represent.

  • Techniques

I am trained to measure trace level concentration of metals using Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) and isotope measurement using Multi collector ICP-MS. I am also trained in field skills like coral drilling, sediment core drilling and water sampling.

  • Fieldwork

Sediment core drilling in Macritchie and Kranji Reservoir, Singapore (2012); Coral drilling and seawater sampling cruises Singapore Strait (2010)


As a geochemistry student, I thrive both in fields and in labs. I'm passionate in going to the sea, taking the samples and unveil the chemical secrets in those waters. I also take a lot of pictures to retain all these moments of life.

  • BSc Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University