Christopher MCCALLUM


Chris originally arrived at EOS in 2013 as a geologist with an interest in petrology and geochemistry of subduction zone systems. Since then he has worked within the Physical Volcanology and Petrology team as an RA and student on a number of differing projects including: The morphologies and morphometrics of Sumatran volcanoesPetrological study of Marapi volcanoInvestigating the controls on eruption style at Merapi, Java. The overall aim of these projects is to identify and assess volcanic hazard within South East Asia, primarily Sumatra. 

He has also assisted in outreach opportunities when possible; such as speaking to the Peace Boat initiative about the volcano group’s research when it toured EOS in 2015.

He was also teaching assistant for 2 years on the ASE first year class: Environment and Society. A dynamic introduction to the science and study of resilience, sustainability and humankind.

Chris is a geoscientist with interests in the fields of scientific policy, communication and advocacy of conservation and Earth science to government and the general public. He has a BSc in Geology and MSc in Research from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). He has industrial and academic experience, and has worked in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Greece.