Edward PARK

Professional Activities:

My research interests include fluvial geomorphology and remote sensing with emphasis on Tropical South America and Southeast Asia. I am currently working on the Amazon, Parana, Magdalena Rivers in South America, and Irrawaddy River and rivers in Borneo in Southeast Asia as well as Mekong River. In these regions, I have been particularly working on 1) sediment transport and morphodynamic modeling of large rivers, 2) channel-floodplain systems and ecological dynamics modeling in floodplains, 3) assessing the impacts of human activities on large fluvial systems and tropical biomes, and 4) GIS/Remote sensing applications for geomorphic change monitoring. I work with extensive field data in cooperation with quantitative tools such as statistics and remote sensing. Recognizing the limits of field measurements in fluvial modeling often due to the expensive maintenance cost and logistical difficulties, application of remote sensing provides with robust mean to monitor hydro-geomorphic and ecological changes of complex channel-floodplain systems, such as Amazon River in a high spatiotemporal resolutions. I strongly support multidisciplinary work and collaborate extensively with landscape ecologists, biologists, and hydraulic engineers.


PhD, Physical Geography, University of Texas at Austin (2017)
BS, Physical Geography, Ohio State University (2010)