LI Weiran Alex


My PhD research focuses on magmatic process and plumbing system of Holocene eruptions of stratovolcanoes. Geochemistry techniques, such as LA-ICP-MS, SIMS, and TEM, will be used to study the the petrology and mineralogy of volcanic rocks. To be more precise, the research on low-temperature diffusion process of major and trace elements in minerals, such as pyroxene and plagioclase, will be used to imply the magmatic process of eruptions. Modelling work on plumbing system of these volcanoes will also be included in my research.

Professional Activities:

I am now a third-year Ph.D. student, working with Prof. Fidel Costa. My research focuses on using chemical and textural information of minerals to reconstruct magmatic processes, pressure-temperature conditions, and time scales of eruptions with different explosivities (VEI).

I have used electron microprobe and ion microprobe to measure major and trace elements concentrations in apatite, thus to infer the evolution of volatile concentrations in the melt. I also do numerical modelling on diffusion profiles to constrain the timescales of magma ascent processes.

More information on my research and education experience can be found in my CV (shown above). Please feel free to contact me via email (, if you are interested in my research.

  • 2014-present Ph.D. Earth Science, volcanology, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU
  • 2014 M.S. Tectonics, Peking University, China. Thesis: Research on key issues of laser 40Ar/39Ar isochron dating for extremely young volcanic rocks
  • 2012 B.S. Geochemistry, Peking University, China
Professional Experience:
  • 2011-2014 Research assistant of Argon Geochronology Lab, Peking University
Honours and Awards:
  • Guang-Hua Scholarship, Peking University