LIU Guangxing

My research centers on the climate of Southeast Asia, particularly rainfall change, which is critical to the regional socioeconomic health. I am currently using speleothems, or cave carbonate formations, collected from Myanmar to reconstruct regional Quaternary climate history. Speleothems are one of climate archives that can provide robust multiple climate proxies of regional precipitation and monsoonal intensity, through their oxygen and carbon isotopic ratios and trace element concentrations. Speleothems can also be absolutely dated by using uranium-thorium (U-Th) dating techniques. This is important for establishing a reliable geochronological scale for climate change through the last a few hundred thousand years. My current work on the climate history of Southeast Asia will contribute to a better understanding of climate change in tropical regions worldwide. My future plan also includes climate change modeling using my data from speleothems and other possible climate archives, and using simulation efforts to predict future climate.