Aftermath of Aid

The Aftermath of Aid (AoA) Project is a collaboration between EOS and the International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS). Started in 2012, the AoA Project is an intensive field-based study of the sustainability of reconstruction aid provided to communities in Aceh, Indonesia affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The international aid efforts following the tsunami were unprecedented in their scope, and life changing for hundreds of thousands of people. This included an expansive program for building Aceh ‘back better’ – which involved donor-supported programs to increase resilience, reduce vulnerabilities, and transform underlying social, economic and political structures. From an academic perspective we explore the relationship between recovery and reconstruction, map out community-level changes, and critically engage with concepts such as ‘sustainability’, ‘resilience’ and ‘capacity.’ From a practitioner perspective we analyze the variables that influenced the longer-term success of aid interventions.

We conducted four years of primary data collection between 2012 and 2016 in over 100 villages in Aceh. Our survey methods were designed to provide a robust quantitative, qualitative and technical dataset that is broadly representative of tsunami-affected Aceh.

Our work concentrates on seven main sectors:

Housing & Built Environment: Dr. Laina Himasari, Syiah Kuala University; Dr. Patrick Daly, EOS; Desi Safriana

Village Livelihoods: Dr. Patrick Daly, EOS; Professor Eka Srimulyani, UIN Ar Raniry; Dr. Syaifullah Muhammad, Syiah Kuala University; Agus Halim, Syiah Kuala University 

Governance & Civil Society: Dr. Craig Thorburn, University of Melbourne; Dr. Jesse Grayman, University of Auckland; Dr. Bryan Rochelle

Demography & Family: Dr. Saiful Mahdi, Syiah Kuala University; Raudhatul Jannah, ICAIOS

Earthquake and Tsunami Risk: Jamie McCaughey, EOS; Ibnu Mundzir, ICAIOS; Rizanna Rosemary, Syiah Kuala University; Lely Safrina, Syiah Kuala University 

Gender: Professor Eka Srimulyani UIN Ar Raniry; Dr. Marjaana Jauhola, University of Helsinki; Era Maida, ICAIOS 

Relocation & Resettlement: Ibnu Mundzir, Dr. Patrick Daly, EOS; Jamie Mccaughey, EOS

The mapping and spatial analysis for the project is conducted by the Syiah Kuala University GIS Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Nizamuddin, Dr. Muzailin Affan, and Ardiansyah.

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