Coastal Hazards And Geological Evolution Of The Chan May-Lang Co Embayment, Hue Province, Central Vietnam

This project seeks to examine the onshore and offshore geological evolution of the Lang Co and Chan May embayments in central Vietnam using a multi-proxy approach.

This area is currently under heavy development pressures with little or no information on coastal hazards available, and also serves as a manageable comparison with the much larger Hue system to the north and Danang coastline to the south.

There are several aspects to this project including:

- The geological and geomorphic examination of recent typhoons (such as Xangsane–2006, and Ketsana–2009) and attempting to tie these to earlier events.

- Detailed examination of the modern lagoonal and marine environments in terms of sediment characteristics and micro-fauna (ostracods and foraminifera) and flora (diatoms) in order to understand paleo-environmental change in this region.

- Understanding the evolution of the two coastal embayments through geological time using sedimentology and ground penetrating radar.

- Communication of our findings to local government and stakeholders in order for these groups to make informed decisions on infrastructure and tourism development along this coastline.

This project has also brought together top scientists and expertise from a number of institutions including the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology, Queensland University of Technology, University of Pennsylvania and University College London.