Earth: Our Untamed Planet Exhibition

‘Earth: Our Untamed Planet’ aims to create a greater awareness and appreciation of the Earth Sciences in Singapore, especially among students from primary and secondary levels. It has served as a teaching tool within the framework of their Earth Sciences unit—a part of the geography curriculum.

The ‘Earth: Our Untamed Planet’ exhibition was developed in partnership with Science Centre Singapore and the Ministry of Education to complement the curriculum used by public schools in Singapore. The broad aims of the exhibition are to:

  • Create an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of geosciences
  • Demonstrate Singapore’s collaboration with surrounding regions prone to geohazards
  • Highlight Singapore’s contribution to research and development in Earth sciences in the southeast Asian region
  • Build awareness of a new man-nature paradigm, towards a more sustainable civilisation

The exhibition, which opened seven years ago with 21 main exhibits, will be reimagined and redesigned by EOS and Science Centre Singapore, working with the Exploratorium. The new Earth Science exhibit will incorporate new scientific findings from the Observatory’s scientists, focusing on breakthroughs and advancements in and around Southeast Asia. The redesigned exhibition is projected to be ready in the Science Centre Singapore by the third quarter of 2020.

The current exhibition is on-going at the Science Centre; visit here to learn more.

Funding Sources: 

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

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Science Centre Singapore

Exploratorium, San Francisco