Earthquake Geology of Myanmar

The westernmost part of the Sunda megathrust lies in Myanmar. This country also counts two additional fault systems that accommodate the northward translation of India relative to the Sunda block. The three main Burmese fault systems produced large, destructive earthquakes in the three last centuries. EOS has produced a neotectonic map of the entire region, and engaged paleoseismic investigations in several places. 

Earthquake recurrence on the southern Sagaing fault near Bago has been characterised. Studies of tsunamigenic earthquakes on the offshore Sunda megathrust and of concurrent uplift of the southern shores of the country are ongoing. The Mw 6.8 earthquake of March 2011 ruptured a 30-km long segment of the 215-km long Nam Ma fault mapped in previous work done by EOS. Analysis of the surface deformation due to that earthquake confirmed the local tectonic context.