A historical typhoon database for the southern and eastern Chinese coastal regions, 1951 to 2012

Asia is a fast growing economic region and most of the industrial and economy activities focus along the coastline of Asia. This coastline of Asia is prone to typhoon hazards that inflict significant damage and loss of life to the coastal communities. Regional governments, private enterprise (including the insurance and re-insurance industries), town planners and coastal developers are grappling to find sustainable solutions to coastal development while maintaining high rates of development and economic growth.

A historical typhoon database in the southern and eastern Chinese coastal region (SECCR) spanning 1951 to 2012 had been compiled. This new database provides an insight into the impacts of typhoons upon the economies and casualties suffered in each of the SECCR. This database allows further examination of the spatial and temporal features of typhoons that bring catastrophic damage to the SECCR. In addition, the examination of the socio-political consequences to disastrous events may provide insight on the development policy implemented by the SECCR and guide future directions for improved mitigation strategies.