Knowledge Capsule: Raiders of The Lost Tektites

Isaac Kerlow and his crew document Prof Kerry Sieh's search for an 800,000-year-old Australasian tektite strewn field in Laos that has been one of the region's long-standing geohazard mysteries. The short film documents the detective clue-finding and clue-interpreting scientific techniques that are often required to understand geological events and, in this case, to locate the exact location of a meteorite impact.

This Knowledge Capsule is an outreach and communication video that brings mainstream audiences into the ongoing research at EOS. The innovative format of these shorts is the result of an interdisciplinary development and production process. They include a combination of interviews, visualizations of scientific research, and documentation of fieldwork. They encapsulate research insights about volcanoes, tsunamis, and climate change in Southeast Asia.

Watch the trailer here:

EOS Raiders of the Lost Tektites from EOS on Vimeo.