Mayon: The Volcano Princess

This documentary film is about the people who live around the Mayon volcano in the Bicol region of the Philippines.

The documentary presents how the locals cope with living next to a source of constant danger, and also some of their experiences during and after deadly volcanic disasters such as lahars, pyroclastic flows and eruptions. It also presents some of the strategies for dealing with volcano disasters and with the evacuation dilemma.

Mayon: The Volcano Princess contains interviews with local residents, officials, and scientists, as well as an animated recreation of the tragic legend of Princess Magayon who is believed to be buried under the volcano.

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EOS Team: 

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor,
Science Advisor


Assistant Producer - Jeannie Loo Yuan Rong

Music Composer - Sergio Moure

Camera and Location Sound - David Lee Ling Wei, Oh Ji Ji, Joseph Peng Wee How

Additional Cinematography - Aida Azlin, Karim Boubker

Assistant Editors - David Lee Ling Wei, Leong Xiuming, Jeannie Loo Yuan Rong

Princess Magayon - Aida Azlin

English Voice-Over - Risa Okamoto

Bicol to English Translation - Mariton Bornas, Mikko Cayetano, Bong Dy-Liacco, Chris Newhall

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