Novel Metrics and Methods for Assessing Post-Disaster Impact

Modern information technologies provide unprecedented data access to support situational awareness following a disaster. However, these have so far fallen short due to several technical limitations and research gaps: (a) they are highly uncertain, (b) they focus entirely on the measurement of loss to physical assets, an insufficient indicator of disaster-induced vulnerability and need, and (c) reliance on data-specific information flows has made it impossible to scale across geographic context and time. This proposal builds off of past work to explore these challenges and develop new metrics of post-disaster impact and integrated modeling and remote-sensing methods to measure them.

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Principal Investigator


Robert Soden and Sabine Loos, Stanford University
Nama Budhathoki, Kathmandu Living Labs
Trevor Monroe and Samuel Fraiberger, World Bank Big Data Program
Melanie Eckle, Heidelberg University; Sang-Ho Yun, NASA-JPL ARIA Program

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