Volcanic Hazards of the Bolaven Plateau, Southern Lao PDR

The basaltic Bolaven volcanic field covers 11,000 km2 of southern Laos and has erupted often in the past half-a-million years. Nonetheless, the exposure of populations and infrastructure to its volcanic hazards is unknown. We propose to assess quantitatively human exposure to its hazards. Our approach is divided into three tasks: 

  • Develop a probabilistic vent-opening map
  • Quantify the hazards associated with a future eruption, and
  • Evaluate the exposure of people and key assets to a future eruption.


Our reason for choosing this volcanic field over the many others in northern Indochina is that it is the best dated and mapped volcanic field in northern SE Asia, following completion of a previous EOS project aimed at testing whether or not the volcanic field has obscured by burial one Earth’s largest young impact craters.

Funding Sources: 

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

Project Years: 


EOS Team: 

Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator



Vanpheng Sihavong, Department of Geology and Mines, Lao PDR

Weerachat Wiwegwin, Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand

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