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The Sichuan Hard Road presents a unique and informative testimony by expert scientists and expert survivors. The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake took by surprise communities and authorities in Sichuan Province, China. But in spite of its tragic outcome, this seismic episode increased regional awareness... Read more

This new FREE interactive game for OS and Windows computers may be downloaded from these links (55MB zip file):

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Earth Girl Volcano is our new interactive game about making strategic decisions that... Read more

This documentary feature presents the scientific facts behind the issue of peat haze as well as points of view and opinions from local and regional stakeholders. The burning of the peat forests throughout tropical Southeast Asia creates pollution, and this posed significant challenges... Read more

The ancestral forests of the nomadic Orang Rimba have vanished. In the short span of three decades oil palm plantations have replaced much of the tropical peatland rain forests in Jambi, Indonesia. The People of the Forest, Orang Rimba in their dialect, have nowhere to go.

Watch the... Read more

A large meteorite crashed in Southeast Asia 800,000 years ago, and the impact created a field of debris that extends all the way to the south Australia. This field is known as the Australasian tektite strewn field. For centuries scientists have tried to find the exact location of the impact, but... Read more

The EOS ART Projects 2010-2013 includes six artistic projects that resulted from an innovative program of interdisciplinary collaboration between regional artists and EOS Earth scientists. The completed artworks were exhibited in a public show at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) between... Read more

Past Projects

CHANGE is a five minute animated short about changes on Earth originating both from natural evolution and human activity. The short film was premiered at the first Singapore Eco Film Festival, Singapore, and it won the Special Festival Prize at the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő,... Read more

Volcanic Infrasound follows reserachers from the Volcano Group as they install infrasound sensors in a natural reserve in the middle of urban Singapore. These solar-powered stations capture the infrasound created by volcanoes in the region and detect and measure eruptions as they unfold.... Read more

WebGeoTouch is the online version of the in-house GeoTouch system which is only available through the NTU intranet. iGeoTouch is a portable field data collection app that can be used offline and online, and it is developed for Android and iOS phones and tablets. The Beta... Read more

The Ratu River Expedition is a 25-minute film featuring the research on Nepal earthquakes by the Structural Geology group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. The film was written and directed by Isaac Kerlow, and it shows how the scientific team uses a variety of techniques and technologies... Read more

Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami is an interactive game about making strategic decisions that can directly increase the survival rate in coastal communities during earthquakes and tsunamis. It may be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. This casual strategy game was... Read more

SHADOWS: Saving the Rain Forest is a contemporary tale of magical realism about preserving the world’s forests. The animated short is inspired by the fantasy of ancient legends and shadow puppets, particularly the wayang kulit Javanese and Balinese performances. The short also highlights the... Read more

Ichiro and the Wave presents a unique and inspirational experience by a tsunami survivor. He was fishing near the coast of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, when the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami struck his boat. Stranded on an island during the devastation he wondered if he would ever see his family again.... Read more

Merapi: The Fire Mountain is an interactive book about the Merapi Volcano in Java, Indonesia, with a focus on the Earth science and the life and culture about and around the volcano. The interactive book project has a strong educational orientation, and is scheduled to be released in 2016 as a... Read more

EOS Seismic Vibration Truck

The IVI Envirovibe is used to image active faults in the subsurface in key places like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Forensic Volcano Petrology

Forensic Volcano Petrology presents how Associate Professor Fidel Costa and the Volcano Petrology team analyze Merapi volcano rocks as an aid to understanding the volcano’s particular magma chambers and eruptions. By... Read more