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We investigate how communities and households are recovering, mobilising, and rebuilding in urban areas of Nepal following the devastating 2015 earthquake. Using applied anthropological methods, we analyse community dynamics, perspectives of vulnerability and risk, and the intersection between ‘... Read more

The Urban Reconstruction in Nepal Project studies the strategies being used to rebuild urban settlements destroyed by the 2015 earthquake in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The absence of aid and formal reconstruction guidelines has caused uncertainty, and limited the reconstruction of urban areas... Read more

The Aftermath of Aid (AoA) Project is a collaboration between EOS and the International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS). Started in 2012, the AoA Project is an intensive field-based study of the sustainability of reconstruction aid provided to communities in Aceh, Indonesia... Read more

Past Projects

The Aceh Geohazards Project combines geology, geomorphology, history and archaeology to better understand the past occurrence of tsunami in Aceh, and the extent to which such events might have impacted past societies. Our research has shown that the immediate predecessors of the 2004 tsunami... Read more