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The magnitude-8.6 2012 Wharton Basin earthquake was the largest intraplate earthquake ever recorded in an ocean. Even with modern instrumentation, the anatomy of the rupture of this earthquake remains a matter of debate. In order to fully understand the rupture pattern and faults involved in... Read more

Past Projects

Large earthquakes along the Himalayan Frontal Thrust threaten densely populated regions of India and Nepal. We demonstrated that the rupture of the M ≈ 8.4, 1934, Bihar‐Nepal earthquake reached the surface along much of eastern Nepal, from at least Sir Khola to Dharan, falsifying the consensus... Read more

The East Himalayan Syntaxis has been the site of some of the largest continental earthquakes (Assam, 1950, Mw=8.7; Shillong, 1897, M≈8.5). Although this area is arguably where seismic hazard is greatest in the India/Asia collision zone, active faults are poorly mapped... Read more