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If a volcano is rumbling then we can expect an eruption, but how big will that eruption be? Currently we have little idea of how to forecast the size of future eruptions. Caldera complexes produce the most voluminous and violent eruptions on Earth and leave a large caldron-like depression in the... Read more

Sumatra hosts over 130 active or potentially active volcanoes that are located next to major cities like Medan (2.1 Million inhabitants), Padang (833,562) and Bandar Lampung (881,801) but also close to highly populated neighboring countries like Peninsular Malaysia (22.6 Million) and Singapore (... Read more

Subsidiary Projects:

Volcanoes around the world exhibit a large range in eruption styles, some producing violent ash-rich explosions, whereas others rather passive lava flows or domes. Changes in eruption magnitude and style may also occur at individual volcanoes, increasing the challenge of forecasting. Volatiles,... Read more

Past Projects

The project, funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), aims to provide a new understanding of Indo-­Pacific history post-­1000 C.E. based on an enhanced understanding of the inter-­relationship between natural environmental cycles and events, and social and political cycles and events. By... Read more

Caldera-forming eruptions are the most voluminous (up to 5000 km3) and violent eruptions on earth. Caldera unrest in many occasions consists of long periods (years to decades) of deformation and earthquake activity, however not all periods of unrest culminate in a volcanic eruption and not all... Read more