Volcanic Hazards and Risk - Susanna Jenkins

Singapore lies in one of the most volcanically active and densely populated regions in the world. Forecasting when an eruption will occur, and what the consequences will be, remains one of the major challenges of volcanology and this is where the work of our group focusses. Our main research interests include:

  • How to interrogate eruption catalogues to forecast eruption styles, magnitudes and frequencies;
  • Probabilistic quantification of future volcanic hazards;
  • Assessing the exposure of humans, buildings and assets in hazardous areas;
  • Quantifying the physical vulnerability of exposure to volcanic hazards through theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches;

Through this we hope to better understand the likely future impacts of volcanic eruptions, leading to safer and more sustainable societies.

Latest Projects

Volcanic impact assessment currently relies on a small dataset sourced from detailed post-event field studies, which are limited in space and time, and in their applicability outside of the study area.