Publications categorized as Americas > USA

A 5000-year record of relative sea-level change in New Jersey, USA

Jennifer S. Walker, Benjamin P. Horton, & Tanghua Li
11/2022 Holocene

Relative sea-level change in South Florida during the past ~5000 years

Nicole S. Khan, Amanda Chappel, Andrew C. Kemp, Benjamin P. Horton, Erica Ashe, Lauren T. Toth, et al.
09/2022 Global and Planetary Change 216

Emergence of wet conditions in the Mono Basin of the Western USA coincident with inception of the Last Glaciation

Guleed A.H. Ali, Ke Lin, Philipp Ruprecht, Scott Stine, Sidney R. Hemming, Stephen E. Cox, et al.
09/2022 Geological Society of America Bulletin 134 9-10

Surface Deformation Related to the 2019 Mw 7.1 and 6.4 Ridgecrest Earthquakes in California from GPS, SAR Interferometry, and SAR Pixel Offsets

Eric J. Fielding, Angelyn Moore, Cunren Liang, Mark Simons, Minyan Zhong, Oliver L. Stephenson, et al.
03/2020 Seismological Research Letters 91 4

Diatoms of the intertidal environments of Willapa Bay, Washington, USA as a sea-level indicator

Isabel Hong, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Jason S. Padgett, Robert J O'Donnell III, Simon E. Engelhart, et al.
2021 Marine Micropaleontology 167

Evolving Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the North Atlantic in a Warming Climate

Andra Garner, Benjamin P. Horton, & Robert Kopp
2021 Earth's Future

Magma reservoir evolution during the build up to and recovery from caldera-forming eruptions-A generalizable model?

Caroline Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Francesca Forni, & Oliver Bachmann
07/2021 Earth Science Reviews 218

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