Publications categorized as Asia

Pre-eruptive excess volatiles and their relationship to effusive and explosive eruption styles in semi-plugged volcanoes

Sri Budhi Utami, Bruno Scaillet; Hanik Humaida, Fidel Costa, Juan Andujar, & Simon Carn
09/2022 Frontiers in Earth Science 10

Fluvial Sedimentary Response to Late Quaternary Climate and Tectonics at the Himalayan Frontal Thrust, Central Nepal

Mari Hamahashi, Judith A. Hubbard, Owen Lewis A, Rafael V. Almeida, Samuel H. Haines, Sanjita Mishra, et al.
09/2022 Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 23 9

Integrating criticality concepts into road network disruption assessments for volcanic eruptions

Hayes J.L., Biass S., & Jenkins S.F.
2022 Journal of Applied Volcanology 11 8

A new perspective on eruption data completeness: insights from the First Recorded EruptionS in the Holocene (FRESH) database

Vanesa Burgos, Benoit Taisne, Chris Newhall, Mark Bebbington, & Susanna F. Jenkins
2022 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 431

Local rainfall or river overflow? Re-evaluating the cause of the Great 2011 Thailand flood

Huu Loc Ho, Detchpol Chitwatkulsiri, Do Minh Phuong, Edward Park, Jana Lim, Luksanaree Maneechot, et al.
10/2020 Journal of Hydrology 589

Degradation of Southeast Asian tropical peatlands and integrated strategies for their better management and restoration

Shailendra Mishra, Adi Jaya, Alexander R. Cobb, Antonio Jonay Jovani-Sancho, Aswandi, David A. Wardle, et al.
2021 Journal of Applied Ecology

Fluid fluxing and accumulation drive decadal and short-lived explosive basaltic andesite eruptions preceded by limited volcanic unrest

Sri Budhi Utami, Fidel Costa, Hanik Humaida, Patrick Allard, & Ph Lesage
10/2021 Journal of Petrology

The Millennium Eruption of Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano is VEI 6, not 7

Qingyuan Yang, A. N. Derkachev, Bo Pan, Danielle McLean, Geoffrey A. Lerner, Haiquan Wei, et al.
10/2021 Bulletin of Volcanology 83

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