Publications categorized as Asia > Southeast Asia

Integrating criticality concepts into road network disruption assessments for volcanic eruptions

Hayes J.L., Biass S., & Jenkins S.F.
2022 Journal of Applied Volcanology 11 8

Defining population socio-economic characteristics, hazard knowledge and risk perception: The adaptive capacity to persistent volcanic threats from Semeru, Indonesia

Jean-Claude Thouret, Boedi Tjahjono, Emeline Wavelet, Marie Taillandier, Nourddine Azzaoui, Olivier Santoni, et al.
2022 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 77

Local rainfall or river overflow? Re-evaluating the cause of the Great 2011 Thailand flood

Huu Loc Ho, Detchpol Chitwatkulsiri, Do Minh Phuong, Edward Park, Jana Lim, Luksanaree Maneechot, et al.
10/2020 Journal of Hydrology 589

Dam failure and a catastrophic flood in the Mekong basin (Bolaven Plateau), southern Laos, 2018

Edgardo Latrubesse, Edward Park, Kerry Sieh, Sang-Ho Yun, Thanh Dang, & Yunung Nina Lin
04/2021 Geomorphology 362

Degradation of Southeast Asian tropical peatlands and integrated strategies for their better management and restoration

Shailendra Mishra, Adi Jaya, Alexander R. Cobb, Antonio Jonay Jovani-Sancho, Aswandi, David A. Wardle, et al.
2021 Journal of Applied Ecology

Fluid fluxing and accumulation drive decadal and short-lived explosive basaltic andesite eruptions preceded by limited volcanic unrest

Sri Budhi Utami, Fidel Costa, Hanik Humaida, Patrick Allard, & Ph Lesage
10/2021 Journal of Petrology

Evaluating a large-scale online behaviour change intervention aimed at wildlife product consumers in Singapore

Hunter Doughty, Diogo Veríssimo, E. J. Milner-Gulland, Janice Ser Huay Lee, Kathryn Oliver, & L. Roman Carrasco
2021 PLOS One

Socio-geographical evaluation of ecosystem services in an ecotourism destination: PGIS application in Tram Chim National Park, Vietnam

Jie Ying Yee, Edward Park, Huu Loc Ho, Tan Vo-Thanh, & Yi Le Poh
08/2021 Journal of Environmental Management

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