Publications categorized as Java

Reconstructing eruptions at a data limited volcano: A case study at Gede (West Java)

Eleanor Tennant, Annie Winson, Christina Widiwijayanti, Hendra Gunawan, Hetty Triastuti, NiaHaerani, et al.
2021 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

New insights into the Kawah Ijen hydrothermal system from geophysical data

Alain Bernard, Corentin Caudron, Devy Kamil Syahbana, Ginette Saracco, Glyn Williams-Jones, Guillaume Mauri, et al.
01/2017 Geochemistry and Geophysics of Active Volcanic Lakes 437

The Orange Tuff: a Late Pleistocene tephra-fall deposit emplaced by a VEI 5 silicic Plinian eruption in West Java, Indonesia

Christopher Harpel, Cecilia de Harpel, James Stimac, Kushendratno, & Sofyan Primulyana
05/2019 Bulletin of Volcanology 81 3

A Bayesian Approach to Infer Volcanic System Parameters, Timing, and Size of Strombolian Events From a Single Tilt Station

Fabio Manta, & Benoit Taisne
05/2019 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 124 5

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