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WOVOdat – the global volcano unrest database aimed at improving eruption forecasts

Fidel Costa, Chris Newhall, Christina Widiwijayanti, Erickson Fajiculay, Tania Espinosa-Ortega, & Thin Zar Win Nang
11/2019 Disaster Prevention and Management 28 6

Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) for on- and offline analysis of atmospheric gas and aerosol species

Jordan E. Krechmer, Andrew T. Lambe, Douglas R. Worsnop, Haofei Zhang, Heikki Junninen, Jason D. Surratt, et al.
07/2016 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 7

New lineage of Triassic aragonitic Foraminifera and reassessment of the class Nodosariata

Sylvain Rigaud, Daniel Vachard, Felix Schlagintweit, & Rossana Martini
2015 Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 14 11

Dike Channelization and Solidification: Time Scale Controls on the Geometry and Placement of Magma Migration Pathways

Stephen Pansino, Ali Emadzadeh, & Benoit Taisne
09/2019 Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth 129 9

Data Descriptor: Daily observations of stable isotope ratios of rainfall in the tropics

Niels C. Munksgaard, Costjin Zwart, Dagnachew L. Balachew, Didier Gastmans, Germain Esquivel-Hernandez, He Shaoneng, et al.
10/2019 Scientific Reports 9

Inception of a global atlas of sea levels since the Last Glacial Maximum

Nicole S. Khan, Alessio Rovere, Andrea Dutton, Benjamin P. Horton, Erica L. Ashe, M Hijma, et al.
09/2019 Quaternary Science Reviews 220

Evolution of 21st Century Sea Level Rise Projections

Andra Garner, Adam Parris, Benjamin P. Horton, Jeremy Weiss, Jonathan Overpeck, Radley Horton, et al.
11/2018 Earth's Future 6 11

Re-defining Sustainability: Living in Harmony with Life on Earth

Peter Horton, & Benjamin P. Horton
09/2019 One Earth 1

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