Publications authored by Benoit Taisne

Atmospheric waves and global seismoacoustic observations of the January 2022 Hunga eruption, Tonga

Robin S. Matoza, Adam T. Ringler, Alejandra Arciniega-Ceballos, Alex Witsil, Alexandra M. Iezzi, Alexandra Nippress, et al.
2022 Science

A review of tectonic, elastic and visco-elastic models exploring the deformation patterns throughout the eruption of Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat, West Indies

Jurgen W. Neuberg, A. S. D. Collinson, Benoit Taisne, E. Calder, G. A. Ryan, M. Burton, et al.
2022 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 425

Real-Time Tephra Detection and Dispersal Forecasting by a Ground-Based Weather Radar

Magfira Syarifuddin, Andika Bayu Aji, Benoit Taisne, Djoko Legono, Hanggar Ganara Mawandha, Nurnaning Aisyah, et al.
2021 Remote Sensing 13 24

Estimating the velocity of pyroclastic density currents using an operational dual-PRF radar

Magfira Syarifuddin, Ahmad Basuki, Benoit Taisne, Masato Iguchi, Satoru Oishi, & Susanna F. Jenkins
2022 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 424

Assessing uncertainties in infrasound network performance modelling: application to the Euro-Mediterranean and Southeast Asian region

Dorianne Tailpied, Alexis Le Pichon, & Benoit Taisne
2022 Geophysical Journal International 228 2

Correlation Between GNSS-TEC and Eruption Magnitude Supports the Use of Ionospheric Sensing to Complement Volcanic Hazard Assessment

Fabio Manta, Anna Perttu, Benoit Taisne, Emma M. Hill, Giovanni Occhipinti, & Jelle Assink
12/2019 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

Synoptic analysis of a decade of daily measurements of SO2 emission in the troposphere from volcanoes of the global ground-based Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change

Santiago Arellano, Andrea Di Muro, Armando Saballos, Benoit Taisne, Bo Galle, Charlotte Barrington, et al.
2021 Earth System Science Data 13

Combining petrology and seismology to unravel the plumbing system of a typical arc volcano: An example from Marapi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Dini Nurfiani, Benoit Taisne, Caroline Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Dannie Hidayat, H Gunawan, H Triastuty, et al.
2021 Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 22 4

GNSS TEC-Based Detection and Analysis of Acoustic-Gravity Waves From the 2012 Sumatra Double Earthquake Sequence

Sarthak Srivastava, Amal Chandran, Benoit Taisne, & Fabio Manta
05/2011 Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 126 6

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