Publications authored by Brian G. Jones

Elemental and mineralogical analysis of marine and coastal sediments from Phra Thong Island, Thailand: Insights into the provenance of coastal hazard deposits

Tien Dat Pham, Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Charles Martin Rubin, Chris Gouramanis, Kruawun Jankaew, et al.
03/2017 Marine Geology 385

Sea level, storm, or tsunami: Enigmatic sand sheet deposits in a sheltered coastal embayment from southeastern New South Wales, Australia

Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Edward A. Bryant, Kevin Pucillo, & Rabea A. Haredy
Jul Journal of Coastal ResearchJournal of Coastal Research 21

On the Possible Origins of an Unusual (Mid to Late Holocene) Coastal Deposit, Old Punt Bay, South-East Australia

Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Briony L. Mamo, Claire Courtney, D M Everett, Dale Dominey-Howes, et al.
Geographical Research 49

The Holocene infill of Lake Conjola, a narrow incised valley system on the southeast coast of Australia

Craig R. Sloss, Adam Switzer, Alastair J.H. Clement, Anthony W. Nicholas, Brian G. Jones, & Scott Nichol
Quaternary International 221

Geomorphic evidence for mid–late Holocene higher sea level from southeastern Australia

Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Charles S. Bristow, & Craig R. Sloss
Quaternary International 221

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