Publications authored by Chris Gouramanis

Coastal response to Holocene Sea-level change: A case study from Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam D. Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Chris Gouramanis, Michael I. Bird, & Yama Dixit
11/2023 Marine Geology 465

Environmental DNA signatures distinguish between tsunami and storm deposition in overwash sand

Wenshu Yap, Adam Switzer, Chris Gouramanis, Dale Dominey-Howes, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Federico M. Lauro, et al.
06/2021 Communications Earth & Environment 2

Ostracods as pollution indicators in Lap An Lagoon, central Vietnam

Christabel W.J. Tan, Adam Switzer, Chris Gouramanis, D Q. Hoang, & Tien Dat Pham
02/2021 Environmental Pollution

Can the risk of coastal hazards be better communicated?

Jeremy Pile, Adam Switzer, Becky Rush, Chris Gouramanis, Iain Reynolds, & Janneli L.A. Soria
03/2018 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 27

A century long sedimentary record of anthropogenic lead (Pb), Pb isotopes and other trace metals in Singapore

Mengli Chen, Adam Switzer, Chris Gouramanis, & Edward A. Boyle
06/2016 Environmental Pollution 213

Elemental and mineralogical analysis of marine and coastal sediments from Phra Thong Island, Thailand: Insights into the provenance of coastal hazard deposits

Tien Dat Pham, Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Charles Martin Rubin, Chris Gouramanis, Kruawun Jankaew, et al.
03/2017 Marine Geology 385

A historical typhoon database for the southern and eastern Chinese coastal regions, 1951 to 2012

Wenshu Yap, Adam Switzer, Annie A.Y. Lau, Chris Gouramanis, Fengling Yu, James P. Terry, et al.
05/2015 Ocean & Coastal Management 108 SI

Holocene lake-level fluctuations in Lakes Keilambete and Gnotuk, southwestern Victoria, Australia

Daniel Wilkins, Chris Gouramanis, Jon Olley, L Keith Fifield, & Patrick De Deckker
The Holocene 23

Monitoring coastline change in the Red River Delta using remotely sensed data

Van Thao Nguyen, Chris Gouramanis, Duc Thanh Tran, & Yoshiki Saito
Journal of Marine Science and Technology 13 2

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