Publications authored by Ella Meilianda

Fluvial and coastal landform changes in the Aceh River delta (northern Sumatra) during the century leading to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Stoil Chapkanski, Adam Switzer, Annika Steuer, Benjamin P. Horton, Bernhard Siemon, Camille Tricot, et al.
2022 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Earthquake-triggered 2018 Palu Valley landslides enabled by wet rice cultivation

Kyle E. Bradley, Adam Switzer, Benazir Benazir, Dedy Alfian, Ella Meilianda, Emma M. Hill, et al.
2019 Nature Geoscience

Postseismic coastal development in Aceh, Indonesia - Field observations and numerical modeling

Katrin Monecke, Agus Setiawan, Aisha Sri Masputri, Brian G. McAdoo, Caroline K. Templeton, Cut Deasy Mayasari, et al.
10/2017 Marine Geology 392

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