Publications authored by Harvey M. Kelsey

A maximum rupture model for the central and southern Cascadia subduction zone—reassessing ages for coastal evidence of megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis

Alan R. Nelson, Andrea D.Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Christopher B. DuRoss, Harrison J. Gray, Harvey M. Kelsey, et al.
04/2021 Quaternary Science Reviews

Paleotsunami research

Brady Rhodes, Alan R. Nelson, Benjamin P. Horton, Harvey M. Kelsey, Lisa Doner, Marco Cisternas, et al.
05/2006 Eos 87 21

Stratigraphic record of Holocene coseismic subsidence, Padang, West Sumatra

Tina Dura, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Candace A. Grand Pre, Charles Martin Rubin, Christopher H. Vane, et al.
11/2011 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 116 B11

Stratigraphic evidence for an early Holocene earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia.

Candace A. Grand Pre, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Charles Martin Rubin, Gary Rosenberg, Harvey M. Kelsey, et al.
10/2012 Quaternary Science Reviews 54

Transient uplift after a 17th-century earthquake along the Kuril trench

Yuki Sawai, Benjamin P. Horton, Brian F. Atwater, Harvey M. Kelsey, Hiroo Nasu, Kenji Satake, et al.
12/2004 Science 306

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