Publications authored by Huu Loc Ho

Mainstreaming ecotourism as an ecosystem-based adaptation in Vietnam: insights from three different value chain models

Ngo Thi Thu Trang, Edward Park, & Huu Loc Ho
2022 Environment, Development, and Sustainability

Projecting the impact of human activities and climate change on water resources in the transboundary Sre Pok River Basin

Pragya Pradhan, Edward Park, Huu Loc Ho, Sangam Shrestha, & Trang Thi Huyen Pham
2022 Climatic Change 172 26

Deep well injection for the waste brine disposal solution of potash mining in Northeastern Thailand

Sunthorn Pumjan, Edward Park, Huu Loc Ho, & Tran Thanh Long
2022 Journal of Environmental Management

Impacts of agricultural expansion on floodplain water and sediment budgets in the Mekong River

Edward Park, Danielle Poh, Doan Van Binh, Enner Alcantara, Huu Loc Ho, Sameh Kantoush, et al.
2022 Journal of Hydrology 605

New systematically measured sand mining budget for the Mekong Delta reveals rising trends and significant volume underestimations

Charles-Robin Gruel, Adam Switzer, Doan Van Binh, Edward Park, Huu Loc Ho, Lian Feng, et al.
2022 International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

The 2020 Hpakant Jade Mine Disaster, Myanmar: A multi-sensor investigation for slope failure

Nina Y. Lin, Edward Park, Enner Alcantara, Huu Loc Ho, Jana Lim, Yu Pin Quek, et al.
2021 ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 177

Source-to-sink sediment fluxes and budget in the Chao Phraya River, Thailand: A multi-scale analysis based on the national dataset

Edward Park, Detchpol Chitwatkulsiri, Huu Loc Ho, Jana Lim, & Jason S. Herrin
2021 Journal of Hydrology 594

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