Publications authored by Judith Hubbard

Imaging the Upper 10 km Crustal Shear‐Wave Velocity Structure of Central Myanmar via a Joint Inversion of P‐Wave Polarizations and Receiver Functions

Jiayuan Yao, Judith Hubbard, Myo Thant, Ping Tong, Shucheng Wu, Tianjue Li, et al.
2022 Seismological Research Letters 93 9

Localized extension in megathrust hanging wall following great earthquakes in western Nepal

Magali Riesner, Amaury Vallage, Chanda B. Shah, Cyrielle Guérin, Judith Hubbard, Laurent Bollinger, et al.
2021 Scientific Reports 11

A Unified Framework for Earthquake Sequences and the Growth of Geological Structure in Fold-Thrust Belts

Rishav Mallick, Judith Hubbard, Kaj M. Johnson, & Roland Bürgmann
2021 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

New insights into the structural heterogeneity and geodynamics of the Indo-Burma subduction zone from ambient noise tomography

Shucheng Wu, Jiayuan Yao, Judith Hubbard, Kai Wang, Myo Thant, Ping Tong, et al.
2021 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 562

Geometry of the Décollement Below Eastern Bangladesh and Implications for Seismic Hazard

Paula Burgi, Dana E. Peterson, Judith Hubbard, & Syed H. Akhter
08/2021 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 8

Building the Himalaya from tectonic to earthquake scales

Luca Dal Zilio, Gyorgy Hetenyi, Judith Hubbard, & Laurent Bollinger
03/2021 Nature Reviews Earth and Environment

Slab Models Beneath Central Myanmar Revealed by a Joint Inversion of Regional and Teleseismic Traveltime Data

Jiayuan Yao, Bor‐Shouh Huang, Judith Hubbard, Meng Chen, Ping Tong, Shaolin Liu, et al.
10/2021 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 126 2

Constraints on the shallow deformation around the Main Frontal Thrust in central Nepal from refraction velocities

Yixiang Liu, Anna Foster, Judith Hubbard, Lee Liberty, Rafael V. Almeida, Soma Nath Sapkota, et al.
02/2020 Tectonophysics 777

Oblique Thrusting and Strain Partitioning in the Longmen Shan Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Zhigang Li, Chuang Sun, Dong Jia, Judith Hubbard, Peizhen Zhang, Rafael Almeida, et al.
05/2018 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 8

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