Publications authored by Kelin Wang

Heterogeneous rupture in the Great Cascadia earthquake of 1700 inferred from coastal subsidence estimates

Pei-Ling Wang, Alan R. Nelson, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Kelin Wang, Robert C. Witter, et al.
05/2013 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 118 5

Testing precise foraminiferal reconstructions of upper plate deformation during Earth’s greatest earthquakes

Simon E. Engelhart, Alan R. Nelson, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Kelin Wang, & Robert C. Witter
Geology 41

Microfossil measures of rapid sea-level rise: Timing of response of two microfossil groups to a sudden tidal-flooding experiment in Cascadia

Benjamin P. Horton, Alan R. Nelson, Kelin Wang, Laura Brophy, Michael Ewald, Nicole S. Khan, et al.
06/2017 Geology 45 6

Asthenosphere rheology inferred from observations of the 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake

Yan Hu, Emma M. Hill, Kelin Wang, Lujia Feng, Paramesh Banerjee, Roland Bürgmann, et al.
10/2016 Nature

Contributions of poroelastic rebound and a weak volcanic arc to the postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

Yan Hu, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Kelin Wang, Paramesh Banerjee, & Roland Bürgmann
09/2014 Earth Planets and Space 66

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