Publications authored by Keven Roy

Reply to: Climate did not drive Common Era Maldivian sea-level lowstands

Paul S. Kench, Emma Ryan, Ke Lin, Keven Roy, Kyle M. Morgan, Roger F. McLean, et al.
04/2021 Nature Geoscience 14

Climate-forced sea-level lowstands in the Indian Ocean during the last two millennia

Paul S. Kench, Emma Ryan, Keven Roy, Kyle M. Morgan, Lin Ke, Roger F. McLean, et al.
01/2020 Nature Geoscience 13

Sea-Level and Coastal Evolution of the Kallang River Basin, Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, C Rowe, J Whan, Keven Roy, et al.
12/2018 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2018

Mapping Sea-Level Change in Time, Space, and Probability

Benjamin P. Horton, Andra Garner, Carling Hay, Keven Roy, Nicole Khan, Robert Kopp, et al.
10/2018 Annual Review of Environment and Resources 43

Postglacial relative sea-level histories along the eastern Canadian coastline

Matteo Vacch, Benjamin P. Horton, Dania Nikitina, Erica L. Ashe, Keven Roy, Robert E. Kopp, et al.
12/2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 201

A postglacial relative sea-level database for the Russian Arctic coast

Alisa V. Baranskaya, Benjamin P. Horton, Fedor A. Romanenko, Keven Roy, Nicole S. Khan, & William Richard Peltier
11/2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 199

Tectonic influences on late Holocene relative sea levels from the central-eastern Adriatic coast of Croatia

Timothy A. Shaw, Andrew J. Plater, Benjamin P. Horton, Jason R. Kirby, Keven Roy, Niamh Cahill, et al.
10/2018 Quaternary Science Reviews

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