Publications authored by Kyle E. Bradley

Tsunami hazard in Lombok and Bali, Indonesia, due to the Flores back-arc thrust

Raquel P. Felix, Adam Switzer, Judith A. Hubbard, Karen H. Lythgoe, Kyle E. Bradley, & Linlin Li
2022 Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 22

Slip rate deficit and earthquake potential on shallow megathrusts

Eric O. Lindsey, Emma M. Hill, James D.P. Moore, Judith A. Hubbard, Kyle E. Bradley, Rafael V. Almeida, et al.
2021 Nature Geoscience

Subduction initiation and the rise of the Shillong Plateau

Rishav Mallick, AKM Khorshed Alam, Aktarul Ahsan, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, James D.P. Moore, et al.
08/2020 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 543

Cascading Partial Rupture of the Flores Thrust during the 2018 Lombok Earthquake Sequence, Indonesia

Rino Salman, Cheryl W.J. Tay, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, Fidel Costa, Karen H. Lythgoe, et al.
2020 Seismological Research Letters

Structural Controls on Rupture Extent of Recent Sumatran Fault Zone Earthquakes, Indonesia

Rino Salman, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, Kyle E. Bradley, Lujia Feng, Mudrik Daryono, et al.
02/2020 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 125 2

Late Quaternary eruption of the Ranau Caldera and new geological slip rates of the Sumatran Fault Zone in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, Jason S. Herrin, Kyle E. Bradley, Mudrik Daryono, & Sonny Aribowo
09/2017 Geoscience Letters 4

Can the Updip Limit of Frictional Locking on Megathrusts Be Detected Geodetically? Quantifying the Effect of Stress Shadows on Near‐Trench Coupling

Rafael Almeida, Emma M. Hill, Eric Lindsey, Judith Hubbard, Kyle E. Bradley, & Rishav Mallick
05/2018 Geophysical Research Letters 45 10

Structural Control on Downdip Locking Extent of the Himalayan Megathrust

Eric Lindsey, Emma M. Hill, Judith Hubbard, Kyle E. Bradley, Louisa Tsang, Rafael Almeida, et al.
06/2018 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 6

The 2016 M-w 6.5 Pidie Jaya, Aceh, North Sumatra, Earthquake: Reactivation of an Unidentified Sinistral Fault in a Region of Distributed Deformation

Muksin Umar, Andri Dian Nugraha, Irwandi Nurdin, Kemal Erbas, Kyle E. Bradley, Philippe Jousset, et al.
09/2018 Seismological Research Letters 89 5

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