Publications authored by Kyle M. Morgan

Growth and carbonate production of crustose coralline algae on a degraded turbid reef system

Tiffany Z. Y. Goh, Andrew G. Bauman, Fraser A. Januchowski-Hartley, Jovena C.L. Seah, Kyle M. Morgan, & Peter A. Todd
2021 Marine Pollution Bulletin

Sustained coral reef growth in the critical wave dissipation zone of a Maldivian atoll

Paul S. Kench, Edward P. Beetham, Kyle M. Morgan, Roger F. McLean, Susan D. Owen, & Tracey Turner
2022 Communications Earth & Environment 3

Core-CT: A MATLAB application for the quantitative analysis of sediment and coral cores from X-ray computed tomography (CT)

Yu Ting Yan, Adam Switzer, Kyle M. Morgan, Philipp Kempf, Stephen Chua, & Thomas M. DeCarlo
2021 Computers & Geosciences

Coral-associated nitrogen fixation rates and diazotrophic diversity on a nutrient-replete equatorial reef

Molly A. Moynihan, Adriana Lopes dos Santos, David M. Baker, Federico M. Lauro, Kyle M. Morgan, Nathalie F. Goodkin, et al.
07/2021 ISME Journal

Reply to: Climate did not drive Common Era Maldivian sea-level lowstands

Paul S. Kench, Emma Ryan, Ke Lin, Keven Roy, Kyle M. Morgan, Roger F. McLean, et al.
04/2021 Nature Geoscience 14

Climate-forced sea-level lowstands in the Indian Ocean during the last two millennia

Paul S. Kench, Emma Ryan, Keven Roy, Kyle M. Morgan, Lin Ke, Roger F. McLean, et al.
01/2020 Nature Geoscience 13

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