Publications authored by Lauriane Chardot

Understanding Degassing Pathways Along the 1886 Tarawera (New Zealand) Volcanic Fissure by Combining Soil and Lake CO2 Fluxes

Ery C. Hughes, Agnes Mazot, Cameron Asher, Cynthia Werner, Geoff Kilgour, Karen Britten, et al.
10/2019 Frontiers in Earth Science

Mining continuous seismic waveform to quantify our ability to see significant changes in a volcanic system

Chiou Ting Tan, Benoit Taisne, C Clarito, Corentin Caudron, Lauriane Chardot, W I. Sevilla, et al.
2019 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society

Editorial: Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Lauriane Chardot, Nico Fournier, Tarsilo Girona, & Yosuke Aoki
2020 Frontiers In Earth Science 8

Bayesian Network Modeling and Expert Elicitation for Probabilistic Eruption Forecasting: Pilot Study for Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand

Annemarie Christophersen, Anca M. Hanea, Lauriane Chardot, Natalia I. Deligne, Nicolas Fournier, & Willy P. Aspinall
11/2018 Frontiers in Earth Science 6

Assessment of seismic activity on Gaua Island, Vanuatu: final report

Steven Sherburn, Arthur D. Jolly, Brad J. Scott, Craig A. Miller, Gill E. Jolly, Lauriane Chardot, et al.
GNS Science consultancy report 2010/249

Vanuatu portable seismograph project: final report

Arthur D. Jolly, Craig A. Miller, Lauriane Chardot, Nicolas Fournier, & Steven Sherburn
GNS Science consultancy report 2010/224

Induced seismicity and its implications for CO2 storage risk

Matt C. Gerstenberger, Andy Nicol, Charles Jenkins, Christopher J. Bromley, Eric Tenthorey, Lauriane Chardot, et al.
GNS Science consultancy report 2012/295

Induced seismicity, observations, risks and mitigation measures at CO2 storage sites

Andy Nicol, Charles Jenkins, Christopher J. Bromley, Lauriane Chardot, Matt C. Gerstenberger, Paul Viskovic, et al.
11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 37

Insights into processes and deposits of hazardous vulcanian explosions at Soufrière Hills Volcano during 2008 and 2009 (Montserrat, West Indies)

Jean-Christophe Komorowski, Anthony Finizola, Carlisle Pyiko Williams, Erouscilla P. Joseph, Geoff Wadge, Lauriane Chardot, et al.
10/2010 Geophysical Research Letters 37 19

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